As Cremation has become an increasingly popular end of life option (in some parts of the country nearly 45%) Mt. Pleasant has from the beginning provided many choices to families.  We were the first in Sioux Falls to have a Scattering Ground for cremated remains.

   There are three basic catagories for the disposition of cremated remains in Mt. Pleasant:

   The first is burial in platted spaces of the Cemetery. These are burials in existing grave spaces within the Cemetery.  The spaces may be newly purchased or those already owned by the family. Two burials may be made in a single space whether it be two cremations or one cremation along with a full traditional burial.  Tent and chairs are provided at the graveside at the time of burial.

   The second is inurnment in the Columbarium. One or two sets of cremated remains may be placed in a single niche. A bronze nameplate is included with this option. A tent and chairs are provided at the Columbarium at the time of inurnment.

The third option is the scattering of the ashes in our Memorial Garden. A nominal recording fee is charged for this option and a stepping stone with the family member’s name and dates of birth and death placed at the entrance of the garden is provided.

   For specific costs for these options check our price page.