Services and Price Sheet

Mount Pleasant Cemetery office hours:

8:00 AM to 2:00 PM   M – F

Saturday and Sunday- Call ahead before you come, we’ll meet you here.

Glidden Memorial Chapel

Use with any of the services on this price sheet Included

Burial Spaces

Two burials are allowed in a single space.

Single burial space anywhere in the cemetery $1,000.00
Veteran’s discount for burial space $100.00

Opening & Closing Graves

Full Burial with opening and closing of the grave $1,100.00
Green Burial with opening and closing of the grave $1,200.00
Opening and closing without vault or grave liner $1,300.00
Cremation Burial with opening and closing of the grave $700.00

Infant Interments

Infant burials (including space) $500.00

No opening and closing cost in Columbarium #1.

Single Niche (top to bottom) $2,200 – $2,550
Double Niche (top to bottom) $2,700 – $3,150

Memorial Garden*

Scattering of ashes in Memorial Garden

Includes stepping stone with name and dates $250.00

Urn Trust Program

This program is an excellent way to remember a loved one perpetually. A flower urn is placed on the grave and planted by the Cemetery annually with seasonal flowers which are fertilized and watered throughout the growing season. If the urn is ever damaged or wears out it is replaced with a new one. The one time fee for this service is $1000.00 which can be paid over a two year period. At the end of the payment period the urn will be placed on the gravesite.

The repair of burial sites and straightening of monuments including the pouring of new foundations is also handled by the Cemetery. If you have a request of this nature we will give you an estimate of the work for your consideration.

Comparison Pricing

We encourage you to print this price listing and take it with you when comparing costs at other cemeteries. Be sure to inquire carefully about what is included in the cost and what may be additional hidden charges for those services we include in our complete price. These fees can be prepaid over a two year period which locks in the price from future increases.

These costs are complete other than applicable tax. There are no hidden or additional charges and all include the use of the Glidden Memorial Chapel for Funeral or Committal services. All burials or inurnments also include graveside setup of tent and chairs and lowering device if applicable. Two full burials, one full burial and one cremation burial or two cremation burials are allowed in a single burial space. In addition we do not have an additional charge for burials on Saturdays and Sundays and in the evenings during the summer months. We also provide same day direct burial if our excavator is available to open the grave. Although this is not always possible we will do our best to accommodate the request. Remember also that Mt. Pleasant is Sioux Falls’ leader in Green Burials and is currently Sioux Falls’ only Cemetery providing the full green burial option. We are also Sioux Falls’ ONLY Cemetery certified as a provider by the Green Burial Council. Certification means a commitment to the principals of Green burial and not just the use of the phrase.  Further information can be obtained by calling the office at 339-4760.